Steele Johnson – Diving


  • 14-time Senior National Champion
  • 15-time Junior National Champion
  • 5-time NCAA Champion
  • 2018 FINA World Series: Bronze, 10-meter synchro
  • 2017 World Championship Trials: Silver, 3-meter individual
  • 2016 Olympic Games: Silver, 10-meter synchro
  • 2016 Olympic Trials: Silver, 10-meter individual, Gold, 10-meter synchro
  • 2015 World Championship Trials: Bronze, 10-meter individual
  • 2014 FINA World Cup: Bronze, 10-meter synchro
  • 2014 FINA Grand Prix Canada: Bronze, 10-meter individual
  • 2014 FINA Grand Prix Mexico: Bronze, 10-meter synchro


Steele has been a daredevil in the pool since he was four years old when his parents say he started doing backflips off the diving board. Quickly afterwards, they enrolled him in swimming and diving lessons to ensure his safety.

Safety is not always guaranteed in any sport and in 2009 Steele had a traumatic accident that almost ended his career before it even started. He was training a relatively new skill, reverse 3 ½ somersault, off the 10-meter platform when in the first rotation, he hit his head on the concrete platform which ended in a trip to the emergency room, thirty three staples, and a concussion. Since the accident Steele has gone on to compete this dive hundreds of times and even starred in a short film recounting his accident titled “Blood and Water”.

Competing on a broken foot at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, Steele earned a Silver medal with 10-meter synchro partner, David Boudia and placed 13th individually. He has gone on to win 14 Senior National Championships, 5 NCAA Championships, 2 Big Ten Championships, among an array of other accolades and medals.

In 2017, Steele married his longtime girlfriend, Hilary Nussbaum and they reside in West Lafayette, IN.

Outside of sport, Steele will be graduating from Purdue University in May of 2019 with a degree in film. His hobbies include photography, filmmaking, music, reading, and hiking. He is passionate about sharing his story of overcoming obstacles and his journey in faith with others in hopes of inspiring them to follow their dreams as well.

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