Olympian David Boudia Will Headline 2015 FINA Diving World Series For USA

USA Diving

Two-time Olympian and 2012 Olympic gold medalist David Boudia (Noblesville, Ind./West Lafayette, Ind.) will go to four meets. The U.S. qualified for all stops on the World Series circuit in both men’s synchronized events after Boudia and Johnson won bronze in synchronized 10-meter at last year’s World Cup, where Boudia and Dorman were fourth in synchronized 3-meter. Although he did not compete the event at the World Cup last year, Boudia was also given an invitation to dive individually on 10-meter at the World Series.

March 13-15 – Beijing, China
March 19-21 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Men’s 10-meter – David Boudia

May 22-24 – Windsor, Canada
Men’s 10-meter – David Boudia
Men’s synchronized 10-meter –  David Boudia and Steele Johnson

May 29-31 – Mexico City, Mexico
Men’s 10-meter – David Boudia
Men’s synchronized 10-meter –  David Boudia and Steele Johnson

DWTS Will Keep Olympic Champion Nastia Liukin On The Move

USA Today

Nastia Liukin hates being bored. That sure won’t be a problem these next few months.

Already a full-time student at NYU, the 2008 Olympic gymnastics champion will be competing with Derek Hough on the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars.

“Derek and I said, `We both have to be a little bit crazy to do this,'” Liukin told USA TODAY Sports on Tuesday, after the cast was announced.

Hough had originally planned to sit this season out because he’s performing in the New York Spring Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall. The 25-year-old Liukin didn’t think she could do the show because of her school schedule.

But with her and Hough both in New York, they decided they’d find a way to make it work.

Hough’s show at Radio City Music Hall is off Sundays and Mondays, so the two will fly to Los Angeles on Sunday and come home on a red-eye Monday night. Rehearsal time will be carved out of their schedules when they’re in New York.

“It makes it good that both of us are in the same boat, balancing other things,” said Liukin, who had to drop her accounting class because it meets on Mondays. “He’s such a perfectionist in everything he does, as am I, so it kind of works out well. When we’re together and rehearsing, there’s not going to be much time to waste.”

Athletes – Olympians in particular — have done well on DWTS, winning eight of the previous 19 titles. Liukin’s Beijing teammate Shawn Johnson won the Mirror Ball in 2009, while Fierce Fiver Aly Raisman finished fourth in season 16.

Known for her elegance and grace as a gymnast, Liukin would seem to be a shoo-in. But it won’t be that easy, she said.

“I think people assume I’ve taken dance classes or done all this ballet. I’ve never taken a ballet class in my life!” said Liukin, whose mother, Anna, was a world champion in rhythmic gymnastics.

“It definitely helps when you kind of know how to move. But it’s not like I know how to do the salsa or anything.”

Liukin’s love of fashion is well known – she’s a familiar face at New York’s Fashion Week and she used to design her leotards – and she’s excited to see what the costume designers have in mind for her.

But don’t expect to see her wearing those risqué outfits favored by another Hough family member.

“I’m 25, but at the same time I know my following and that little girls look up to me,” Liukin said. “That’s something very important to me, to keep the same image I’ve had all these years.”

Especially since she’s still involved in gymnastics.

Liukin created the Nastia Liukin Cup to showcase up-and-coming gymnasts. (Reigning Olympic champion Gabby Douglas was fourth at the inaugural meet.) Now in its sixth year, it will be held March 6 at AT&T Stadium.

The American Cup, a World Cup event, is the next day.

“To have it be at AT&T Stadium, I know when I walk in, it’s going to be surreal,” said Liukin, who grew up in Dallas. ”

“I wanted this year to be extra special, not just because it’s my hometown but to compete at a stadium,” she said. “You don’t know if they’ll ever get the opportunity to do that again.”

As Liukin knows, when opportunities present themselves, you find a way to take advantage of them.

Sasha DiGiulian is GoPro’s Newest Athlete!


Balancing climbing through life as a full time student and professional athlete, Sasha continues to push her boundaries and champion incredibly difficult feats. She started climbing at age six and since then has earned many titles including the IFSC World Championship for Females overall! She has not only won titles but is the only North American woman to climb a 5.14d route, which is recognized as the hardest sport climb ever completed by a female… and she’s done it twice. The GoPro team is looking forward to having Sasha join our 2015 roster and continue to watch her push herself to tackle more obstacles. We got the chance to catch up with Sasha and hear about how she utilizes GoPro’s while climbing.  Here’s what she said:

GoPro: You are getting to graduating from Columbia University, Congratulations!  How do you balance being a professional athlete and a full time student?

Sasha: I am in my third year of four at Columbia. I am constantly adjusting the balance between my life as a professional athlete and my life as a full time student. What is really crucial for me is to prioritize my time with what is most important given the certain time frame. I find that time management and avoiding procrastination is also key. Though, every day I need to do something active or else I just feel anxious and I can’t focus on school anyways. I train six days a week – 2 days a week I am with my coach and focusing on Strength and Conditioning and Climbing Specific Cross Training. Then, 4 days a week I am climbing and doing abs/pull-ups/push-up work outs. I have class 4 days a week, and I travel most weekends! My peak season for climbing is structured around June – August. This is when I have time off of school and I can focus on going after my bigger goals and take longer trips. During the Fall and Spring I am training, while the Winter is a bit slower for me. This year during my “off season” I took up ice climbing and Mixed Climbing and competed in an Invitation International Event in Ouray, CO.

GoPro: What advice would you give to someone using a GoPro while climbing?

Sasha: I like to place my GoPro on my wrist via the wrist mount, to get action shots during the climb. Another cool place that you can put it so that it’s not in your way at all is on your harness clip. Then, if there’s a chance to snap a pic- maybe just at the top – you can just unclip it!

GoPro: You have constantly challenged yourself by pushing your limits and adding in new tools in your training, how has incorporating the GoPro changed your climbing game?

Sasha: GoPro enables me to share my experiences from a first person perspective. It’s awesome because I feel like I can easily capture my moments at the top. There’s no other camera that is as easy and versatile as the GoPro. It’s so easy to use, has such high quality resolution and it is so small that I don’t even feel its weight!

GoPro: GoPro cameras are known for their versatility and mounting abilities. What’s your favorite GoPro accessory and how do you use it climbing or training?

Sasha: My favorite mounts are the Jaws Flex Clamp, the 3-Way Mount, and the Wrist Mount. I have placed the Jaw Flex Clamp on equipment in the rock (like a quickdraw) and taken video/self-timer shots. The 3-Way Mount is amazing for capturing the overall scene and taking video as if I had a videographer on hand. Then, the Wrist Mount is an accessory that makes it so easy to take first person POV photos while climbing.

GoPro: If you’re climbing with a partner, what’s the best way to get those third-person perspective shots of you?

Sasha: If I’m climbing with a partner on a multipitch, I can give my camera to him or her to take photos of me from above if I am following a pitch. Or, my partner can set up the GoPro at the top of the climb, lower, and then when I climb, the GoPro is set up already. They can put it in time-lapse for photos, or video. When the climb isn’t too tall, the remote or the GoPro App works great!!

GoPro: Where is your favorite place to climb using your GoPro?

Sasha: I haven’t yet had a chance to take my GoPro to South Africa, but that is where I want to go with it! This last summer I had it with me in Wyoming, and the shots from there were amazing because GoPro has such a wide, immersive field of view. The GoPro captures the true essence of the environment.

GoPro: How do you feel using GoPro cameras to improve your training? Do you have any specific examples?

Sasha: Using my GoPro while training is something that I do almost every session. My coach isn’t always there with me while I am at the climbing gym, so I can set my GoPro up on the tripod (via the 3-way mount) and film my entire session. Then, I can show him the footage via the GoPro App or GoPro Studio and he can structure my training routines to focus on my weak points and bad habits. Sometimes, I am at practice and can’t do a move. In my mind, the move is impossible. Then, I watch the footage of myself trying and realize that it’s just in my mind that I can’t do it. Clearly, I’m not trying hard enough. Then, I adjust my approach to the move on the wall and fix what I can see from the film that I was doing wrong. The GoPro provides invaluable feedback for training.

Nastia Liukin on Dancing With The Stars Season 20


“Dancing With the Stars” fans, wait no more. The season 20 star-studded celebrity cast was revealed today on “Good Morning America” and the competition is shaping up to be one of the fiercest yet.

Television icon Suzanne Somers, music great Patti LaBelle, football star Michael Sam and Olympian Nastia Liukin are among the stars getting ready to rhumba and samba on the dance floor.

Nastia Liukin, an Olympic champion gymnast, is paired up with none other than beloved pro dancer Derek Hough, who is back this season in a shocking surprise. Hough, a five-time mirror ball champ and Emmy-winning choreographer, previously announced his “DWTS” departure to perform in the Radio City Spring Spectacular.

“This all happened literally two days ago,” Hough said live on “GMA” from New York where he will practice with Liukin. “I had a little heartbreak not being able to a part of the 10th anniversary, the 20th season. It’s such a huge milestone for ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ It’s my family, so I wanted to be a part of it. … I’m so glad we made it happen. Let’s make it the best season ever.”