David Boudia Wins Bronze At FINA Diving World Series


David Boudia (Noblesville, Ind./West Lafayette, Ind.) and Steele Johnson (Carmel, Ind./West Lafayette, Ind.) won the bronze medal in synchronized 10-meter Thursday at the FINA Diving World Series in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The FINA Diving World Series is a four-leg, invitation-only circuit for the top finishers from the 2015 FINA World Championships.

Boudia and Johnson scored 419.88 points to pick up the bronze medal after finishing fourth at the first World Series meet in Beijing last week. China’s Chen Aisen and Lin Yue scored 466.50 to win gold for the second week in a row, and Great Britain’s Tom Daley and Daniel Goodfellow came away with silver with 428.91 points.

The Americans debuted a back 3 ½ pike into their list last week in Beijing but a miss on the dive kept them off the podium. A week later in Dubai, they scored 75.60 points on the dive, an improvement of 15 points from their score a week ago. They scored 80 or more points on two other dives, earning 80.64 on an inward 3 ½ tuck and 85.32 on their back 2 ½ with 2 ½ twists, as they won their first medal of the 2016 season.


World Series competition in Dubai continues with individual events on Friday and Saturday. Boudia will compete Saturday in individual men’s 10-meter.

The final two stops on the 2016 circuit are set for April 15-17 in Windsor, Ontario, and April 22-24 Kazan, Russia.

Training With Olympian Nick Goepper

Sports Illustrated

During the competitive ski season, Olympic and X Games Slopestyle medalist Nick Goepper doesn’t like to tax his body more than his skiing already does. On a typical morning, he wakes at 7:30 a.m. and has a breakfast that more likely than not features steel cut oats, hard boiled eggs and/or a fruit salad. He’s out on the slopes by 9 a.m. and will stay out as late as 3 p.m., during which time he’ll get anywhere between 20 and 60 runs in, depending on his pace. After skiing, he comes home to a protein-based lunch—chicken and rice is a popular selection—and as the evening approaches, he starts his active recovery before a lean protein dinner.

“I’ll usually hop on the spin bike, do some stretching or some foam rolling and go to the steam room for active recovery, but I switch it up sometimes; I’ll also go trampoline jump and practice some flips and get that extra exercise in that way, or go skateboarding, which I love to do,” Goepper says, “I usually have a dinner similar to my lunch. I try to get my carbs, fats and protein in at every meal, lean meat like a lean steak or chicken, rice or quinoa, sweet potatoes and lots of nuts.”

Goepper doesn’t spend a lot of time in the gym during the season because he says the things that are most important to him­—neurological strength, stability, flexibility and balance—don’t come from weightlifting. If he does go into the weight room, it’s because he has some extra time between skiing.

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Cam Awesome Advances To Quarter Finals


Three U.S. boxers, bantamweight Shakur Stevenson, middleweight Charles Conwell and heavyweight Cam F. Awesome, scored definitive preliminary round victories on Sunday at the Americas Olympic Qualifier in Buenos Aires.

The wins advance the trio to the quarterfinal round in the Olympic qualifying event at the Ferial la Rural de Palermo.

Awesome was matched up against the Bahamas’ Davon Hamilton at heavyweight.. Clearly more experienced, Awesome showcased increased power at his new heavyweight division, pressing the action and hurting Hamilton on numerous occasions.

Awesome’s onslaught gave Hamilton standing eight counts in each of the three rounds. He continued to pour it on in the final round and after the third eight count of the bout, the referee called a halt to the bout, giving Awesome the TKO victory. Awesome will be back in action on Tuesday in a quarterfinal bout with Canada’s Samir El Mais.

“It went the way I planned. I’ve been working on a lot of things with our new coach Billy (Walsh) with jabbing to the body and stuff like that. He took a lot of good shots and he got three eight counts. He was hurt a few times,” Awesome said. “I am very proud of myself. He’s not a very experienced fighter so it was an easier fight than I’m going to have later in the tournament.”

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