Alec Yoder: An Olympic Story by Deanna Hong

“A few days ago Alec Yoder competed in the 2020 Olympic pommel horse final and ended up 6th in the world, an amazing accomplishment. Especially considering the fact that he spent most of the pandemic driving DoorDash every day to make ends meet, as the result of being overlooked for the US National Team and not receiving funding. This is the story of a man who knew his worth and believed in himself, even when others did not.”

Watch this incredible first video below.

Laurie Hernandez talks to TODAY in Tokyo about Jade Carey’s gold medal and Simone Biles’ return

American artistic gymnast Laurie Hernandez joins TODAY in Tokyo to talk about Jade Carey’s gold medal win in floor exercise Monday: “She did such a wonderful routine.” She also talks Biles’ decision to compete on balance beam Tuesday after withdrawing from previous events. “It is a huge accomplishment for her to be able to compete and just enjoy herself,” she says. “I think beam in probably the safest route … I have a feeling she’s going to do very well.” Watch the interview here.

NBC Special Correspondents Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski Take Fans Inside Their Tokyo Hotel Rooms for the Olympics

Just how many shoes — and frocks and skirts and tuxedo jackets — did Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir bring with them to Tokyo for the Summer Games? Wonder no more: The pair of Olympic figure skaters, who are returning as NBC commentators, brought their followers to Tokyo in a pair of room tours shared on social media. Read more in People or check out their social media!