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Reach New Heights.

Excellence in Sport and Entertainment Marketing

Amidst the rapidly evolving multimedia cosmos, the traditional understandings of artist, sport and athlete sponsorships no longer apply. Collaborative marketing programs should now be based upon much more than strong ratings, social media presence, name recognition and individual performance. Excellence in sports and entertainment marketing must be grounded in the pursuit of enduring relationships, bold creativity and vigilant integrity.

At Shade Global, strategic thinking, coordinated tactics and disciplined execution will drive success in this expanding media universe.

Our Talent

Shade Global has represented a plethora of diverse talent across the decades. Working across sport and industry, we have assembled a team of innovators and champions. Through the disciplined execution of imaginative marketing and branding strategies, our talent supersede the traditional bounds of “celebrity”.

Brand Development and Entertainment Partners

Partnerships and Media

Through our longstanding relationships with brands and individuals, Shade Global aligns with an array of corporate partners. Having consistently prioritized personal integrity and professional enhancement, we create long-lasting strategic connections and amplified media opportunities that drive collaborative marketing programs.

Meet the Team

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