New York Today: Olympian Dreams

New York Times

KRASNAYA POLYANA, Russia — With the Winter Olympics heading toward the finish line, we thought it was time to ask a burning question: How’s New York doing?

There are 18 New Yorkers competing in Sochi, in everything from biathlon to hockey to something called Nordic Combined, which may sound more like a Brooklyn handcrafted clothing label than a winter sport.

Two have won two medals.

(Congrats, Erin Hamlin, a luger from outside Utica who won a bronze in the women’s singles, and Andrew Weibrecht, a skier from Lake Placid who won the silver in men’s super-G.)

None of the athletes live in the city, but we caught up with John Daly of Lake Placid, who was born in Queens.

He competed Saturday in skeleton, which involves whizzing down a frozen track head-first with your face an inch from the ice.

He finished 15th, thanks to an unusual mistake.

Daly, who grew up on Long Island, raced B.M.X. bikes as a kid. One of his favorite spots was in Brooklyn, beneath a bridge he declined to name.

“I would tell my mom I was going to a friend’s house,” he said. “Then we would take the train into the city with our bikes.”

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