Living with an Olympian

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The Produce Mom is honoured to feature a guest blog post by Sonnie Boudia, RD, wife of David Boudia, Olympic Diving Gold Medalist (and Find Your Favourite Blueberry Hero!)

In the post, “Living with an Olympian,” Sonnie Boudia shares how important nutrition and lifestyle are to Olympic athletes. She provides guidance and motivation for anyone struggling to get their kids to eat more fruit and veggies.

“Having Sonnie Boudia as our first guest blogger is such an honour! As we enter the last days of the Olympics, it’s interesting to learn more about the role that nutrition plays for athletes. Coming from the viewpoint of a registered dietician, Sonnie also has some helpful advice on how to get kids to try more fruits and veggies. Thank you to both David and Sonnie for their contributions to encouraging kids to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables,” said Lori Taylor, The Produce Mom.

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