The inside scoop on Devin Logan’s 21st birthday party in Las Vegas

I’ve just gotten back from one of the most exciting trips I’ve ever had. Vegas, baby!

When I won my medal in February I told all the media that I wanted to take a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate my 21st birthday on February 17. Turns out, if you say something like that on any national news broadcast it helps! My schedule has been crazy busy and I wasn’t able to get to Las Vegas until last weekend for my “official” 21st birthday party with Jason Derulo!

When I was in New York after I won my medal I met the amazingly talented Chef Chris Santos; from that connection I have had some of the best meals and times of my life! I visited his Beauty & Essex in New York — oh my gosh that place is so good and the next thing I knew he hooked me up with his crew in Las Vegas!

I arrived in Las Vegas and was invited to meet the fabulous Mayor Goodman, where she read a proclamation and proclaimed April 17 Devin Logan Day! Mayor Goodman was a really nice lady and I gave her an education on skiing. It was a real honor to meet her and hope that I will be back and that she will come party with me next time. Yes, mayor, this is an open invite!

Twenty-five of my friends and I headed to The Venetian hotel where we stayed in gorgeous rooms and I was welcomed with a beautiful cake from Las Vegas tourism.  My sponsor Paul Mitchell took the best care of me; they did my hair and makeup all weekend so I was looking good!

Friday evening with all of us wearing our dresses and suits (a sight to see so many pro skiers and snowboarders dressed that well!) we all headed to LAVO for a delicious dinner. Everything from Kobe beef meatballs to eggplant parm and pasta, and this huge dessert tower with fried Oreos and gourmet Ho Hos. I am drooling as I write about it. At dinner we were introduced to our security for the weekend, Justin; he was and is the man! He made everything so easy and I wish he could be with me all the time. From there we were escorted to the front of the line into TAO Nightclub. I’ve never been to a casino or Vegas before and holy smokes! What an experience, we were led to our own VIP area up above the dance floor where we could watch everything. The music was awesome and we all danced and partied the night away. I thought it couldn’t get any better…I was wrong!

On Saturday TAO Beach was celebrating their opening weekend and Jason Derulo played hits off his new album. Once again, Justin (our awesome security guard) led us to our VIP cabana where we were greeted with drinks, snacks and goodies. The pool party was INSANE! When Jason played his set I stood close by with my medal and I gave it to him to wear for his set. (When I got it back it smelled like him and even though he called it a gold medal I wasn’t complaining!) After he was done I was invited to his cabana for a celebratory shot with Jason and his girlfriend Jordin Sparks. She was beautiful and so nice. When I returned to my cabana the entire TAO Beach staff made a huge announcement and brought me another birthday cake and it even had (my favorite) camo on it. That evening we headed to dinner at TAO (right across from Jason Derulo’s party!) and again it was such a good meal. We had pot stickers, sushi, Asian style filet mignon and a huge birthday dessert tray complete with a huge homemade fortune cookie that had fortunes for everyone at the table. Back we all went (with Justin!) to TAO and to the best seats in the club to watch Jason Derulo’s performance. My friends and I will all be talking about this party probably for the rest of our lives. We were treated like royalty and I am so thankful to the staff for giving me such a fun time that I will never ever forget.

Big ups go to Mike Snedegar for making sure that everything went smooth- you are the man!

That does it for my USOC blogs, I hope you had as much fun as I did following my adventures. Hopefully I will be back soon. Remember — always have fun and be true to yourself.


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