Just Do It

Horse Connection

Serena Williams, LeBron James, Tiger Woods, and Ayden Uhlir all have one thing in common. Three of the names listed are known to anyone who has been on planet Earth the last several years. They are superstar athletes who have won multiple championships, Olympic Gold Medals, and a fan base of millions. So who is Ayden Uhlir and what does she have in common with Serena, LeBron, and Tiger?

Nineteen year old Ayden Uhlir has been signed to a sponsorship deal with Nike, making her the first US equestrian athlete to join the giant sportswear conglomerate and take her place alongside the other illustrious athletes who wear the swoosh logo. And the Nike slogan, “Just Do It,” certainly applies to Ayden, because against all odds she went and did it!

Click here for full story: (pages 63-72) http://issuu.com/horseconnectionmagazine/docs/hc_june2014_issuu060714#

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