Favia Dubyk – Climbing


Dr. Favia Dubyk is an Albuquerque, New Mexico based climber, wife and mom to two rescue pups and five cats. Having climbed her way through a cancer diagnosis, chemotherapy, recovery, medical school and more, Favia is an unstoppable, upcoming force in the climbing world.

She discovered her love for rock climbing while in medical school until she was diagnosed with advanced stage lymphoma in 2012 and was forced to take a two- year break. She credits the idea of being able to get back into the gym and climbing outdoors to helping her push through the hardest time in her life. Since her diagnosis and chemotherapy treatments, her tumor has shrunk, and she is now considered a cancer survivor!

Favia attended Harvard and Colombia and now works as a pathologist at the University of New Mexico. She is always looking for a new adventure and loves to travel the country to master new boulders. You can see her featured on seasons 10 and 11 on American Ninja Warrior as well as many other media outlets, such as Melanin Base Camp where she is a featured contributor.  

Instagram: @felinefavia Website: Favia Dubyk

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