We Ask Devin Logan, ‘What’d You Pack In Your Suitcase?’

Team USA

After pulling out of Dew Tour due to a crash during a practice run, Devin Logan is feeling better and ready for X Games. Now in Aspen, Colorado, getting some time on the hill before the competition begins, we asked the dual-discipline athlete to show us her favorite travel items. See what she keeps inside her The North Face backpack she said, “Is big enough to fit everything!”

Workout Wear

Helmet: “My helmet keeps my noggin safe. I go through about two a year and the U.S. Ski Team always inspects our helmets to make sure they are still keeping us safe.”

Goggles: “Giro goggles. I really like the black lenses in them, which I wear during the day for slopestyle. When it is a halfpipe event at night, like X Games, I usually put in a lighter lens so I can see what I’m doing.”

Mittens: “They’re new. The material is really cool and they keep me warm.”

Toe warmers: “They’re always good to have. Just in case.”

Facemask: “My custom DMX facemask.”

Theraband: “I use it a lot during my workouts.”


Wallet: “My Treefort wallet goes around my neck and fits my phone. It holds everything important when I ski.”

Water bottle: “Also very important.”

Hat: “My Monster hat always travels with me.”


Ibuprofen: “For obvious reasons. Nagging injuries. It happens!”

Chargers: “If you can’t tell, chargers, chargers and more chargers for my cell phone and laptop.”

Wireless keyboard: “My laptop has a broken keyboard so I’ve been using a wireless keyboard until I get a new computer.”

Book: “’The Historian,’ by Elizabeth Kostova. Carrying it is supposed to help motivate me to read more, but that doesn’t happen as often as I’d like.”


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