Dressage4Kids with Ayden Uhlir

Dressage Daily

Another girl with a dream, and another speaker at the Dressage4Kids’ Weekend Educational Program, Ayden Uhlir spoke about her life and horses. North American Junior Dressage Champion in 2012 and North American Young Rider Champion in 2013, Uhlir is the first ever equestrian to be sponsored by Nike. From the time Uhlir “found her thing” as a child riding her neighbor’s horse, she has worked hard to become the highly accomplished equestrian she is today. Although the journey has not always been easy, Uhlir has helped herself along the way by surrounding herself with people who motivate her, and by remaining proactive, positive and realistic. “Be true to yourself, and have the courage to go for it. Be great at whatever you’re doing, and Just Do It” (with a little wink to her sponsor, Nike).


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