Team USA Athletes Spill Their Secrets

Team USA

Online, everyone can appear cool. But no one is perfect. And no one would ever willingly admit why they’re not cool — until now.

The idea to share such revealing things was the brainchild of KROQ DJ Nicole Alvarez, sister of 2014 Olympic short track speedskater Eddy Alvarez, and photographer Tamar Levine. The two wanted people to stop apologizing for who they are and start celebrating it.

In honor of that movement, we asked 15 more members of Team USA to open up about three things that make them uncool.

(You can share your three things along with your selfie on Instagram with the hashtag #WeAreAllUncool.)

Go check out our athletes Instagrams to see what their three funny facts about themselves are!  

Paralympian, Tatyana McFadden (@tatyanamcfaddenusa), Olympic Gold medalist, David Boudia (@davidboudia1), Winter Olympian, Devin Logan (@devinlogan), and Olympic Bronze medalist, Marlen Esparza (@marlen_esparza).




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