LifeFuels Partners With Mac Bohonnon

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LifeFuels, a health technology company, will officially launch the Smart Nutrition Bottle, the first smart water bottle that stores, dispenses and tracks daily nutrition through a customizable beverage system, this week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The launch coincides with the announcement of LifeFuels’ partnership with two of the world’s top athletes: seven-time Olympic medalist and World Champion swimmer Kirsty Coventry and 2014 Olympian and World Cup Champion Freestyle Aerial Skier Mac Bohonnon.

LifeFuels’ Smart Nutrition Bottle, a 2016 CES Innovation Award honoree in the Fitness, Sports, and Biotech category, incorporates an innovative lid that houses five interchangeable FuelPods filled with vitamins, nutritional products and flavors, allowing users to tailor their water to suit their specific lifestyles. Syncing with a smartphone, the bottle’s advanced technology activates the pods with the touch of an app; when paired with activity trackers, it correlates changes in athletes’ intake to their performance, suggesting a fuel boost or additional hydration accordingly.

“LifeFuels wants to change the way people manage nutrition. We developed the Smart Nutrition Bottle to make it easier for consumers to accomplish their nutrition goals by connecting what they’re already familiar with: a water bottle, a smartphone and nutritional products,” said Jonathon Perrelli, co-founder and CEO of LifeFuels. “Partnering with top athletes like Kirsty Coventry andMac Bohonnon, who are passionate about improving health through innovation, will help us elevate the way people stay nourished while on the go.”

Coventry and Bohonnon are partnering with LifeFuels in the development and promotion of its core products. Both athletes will work closely with the LifeFuels product team to ensure the Smart Nutrition Bottle and LifeFuels app incorporate features both established and aspiring athletes need to optimize their performance.

“As an elite athlete, I rely on good nutrition and hydration to fuel my system, and it’s vital that I receive the perfect balance of vitamins; the Smart Nutrition Bottle makes this possible,” said Coventry. “As I prepare for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, I am excited to have LifeFuels as a part of my entourage.”

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