Alex Puccio – Rock Climbing


  • 20-time World Cup medalist
  • 11-time National Champion: Bouldering
  • 2017 ascent of “New Baseline” in Magic Wood Switzerland (8B+ (V14))
  • 2014 World Championship Silver medalist: Bouldering
  • 3-time Rock Master Champion
  • 2014 First female ascent of “The Wheel of Chaos” Rocky Mountain National Park (8B+ (V14))
  • 2014 First female ascent of “Jade” Rocky Mountain National Park (8B+ (V14))
  • 2014 First female ascent of “Top Notch” Rocky Mountain National Park (8B(V13))
  • 2014 First female ascent of “Black Lung” Joe’s Valley (8B(V13))


Alex Puccio is one the world’s strongest climbers. Besides an impressive list of podium finishes at the World Cup and nearly a decade of dominance at ABS Nationals, Alex is the only woman to ever climb multiple V14s and ranks among the world’s top boulderers regardless of gender.

At age 13, Alex started climbing with her Mother at a local gym in Texas and her passion exploded into dominance in the sport.

Suffering a spinal cord injury during competition in 2016, a new light was shed on her love for climbing and her passion for life and adventure. After an emergency spinal cord fusion and a short hiatus from climbing, Alex won her first Pro Bouldering Competition just three and a half months later.

With the addition of climbing to the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Alex is currently training with USA Climbing to make history and be one of the first two American women to ever qualify to the Games. Showing the next generation that breaking boundaries and overcoming obstacles is possible is her overall goal in giving back to the sport that has taught her so much.

Alex loves to travel as climbing has taken her all over the world to some of the most unique places where she has learned exciting new cultures, seen spectacular views, and learned the history of each place.

Outside of sport, she is passionate about baking healthy sweets and is very conscious about what she fuels her body with. Her mini-Australian Shepard, Leo, is her trusted sidekick and companion on many of her journeys.

Facebook: Alex Puccio              Instagram: @Alex_Puccio89        Twitter: @alex_puccio


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