Olympic gold medalist Nastia Liukin puts on clinic for young gymnasts

West Dakota FOX

A golden opportunity was available to dozens of North Dakota gymnasts today.

Nastia Liukin inspires visions of gold medals and Olympic glory, but today she was inspiring young gymnasts in Mandan.

This is the first event to be held in the Midco Gymnasium, and this last week has seen a rush to get everything ready. The gym wasn’t ready until Saturday night.

Thanks to the hard work of volunteers Gymnasts of all ages got a once in a lifetime chance to work with Liukin, who says anytime she walks into a gym is like coming home.

“We have this common bond which is gymnastics and that is what we’re all passionate about so I truly enjoy doing this and being able to hopefully inspire that next generation of young gymnasts and young female athletes across the world has kind of been my goal and my mission ever since I retired from gymnastics,” said Nastia Liukin, a Gold medal gymnast.

And these young women and their families are ecstatic to have her here.

“It is just amazing, my daughters have been in gymnastics since they were each three years old, and to be able to attend a training camp with a gold medal gymnist is just out of this world,” said Emily Arnegard, a parent at the event.

“Well she’s just giving us advice how to just forget everyone’s around and just do it,” said Olivia Parsons, a gymnast.

We asked Nastia what it was like to win her gold medal back in 2008.

“It was incredible. It was surreal in the moment for kind of a few weeks, a few months it didn’t really hit, but it was something that I had dreamed about for so long and so to be able to achieve that, and be able to represent my country at something so incredible is something I’ll remember forever,” said Liukin.

Now Nastia spends her time working on her app, Grander Sports, where aspiring gymnasts and veterans can connect and learn from one another.

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